Yes, it is. Let me tell you why. Do you know how long the average person spends on your site? Less than 15 seconds.

You have to make those seconds count. Your site needs copy that converts curious clicks into paying customers.

I'll create copy that's engaging, entertaining and make your customers say, "you know what? I definitely need this!"


Is copywriting really worth it?

You sure can! I understand that copywriting is a big investment. I can create a custom quote based on my rates to suit your needs.

All you have to do is fill out my inquiry form and include that you're interested in a custom quote. We'll find the perfect fit made just for you.


Can I get a custom quote?

Of course! I offer payment plans for each of my packages. However, paying in full will help you save more in the long-run.

We can kickstart your project right away and get you sparkling copy.


Do you offer payment plans?

Having great copy is only the half of it. Knowing how to use it is equally as important.

I'll walk you through each deliverable you receive, so you know how best to implement it to fit your brand.


Why do I need brand strategy?

It can be overwhelming to decide what you may need to strengthen your brand image, but don't worry!

Send me an inquiry with any questions you have, and I'll give you a few options that will be just right for your brand.


What if I don't know what I need?

You'll certainly receive project updates regularly, so you can rest assured that your copy is my top priority.


Can I check on the progress of my project?

I will take the time to genuinely understand your brand, goals, and any problems you may have. I'll conduct customer and competitor research to make sure your copy helps you stand out from the noise.

Then, I'll write captivating copy that will magnetize your business so we can get you feeling inspired, encouraged, and ready to amplify your brand messaging.


What does your process look like?

You can fill out my inquiry form here. I'll send you an email letting you know my current availability and the next steps.

If we decide to move forward, you'll pick a day for your kickoff call. You'll receive a contract and invoice. Once that's paid, we'll chat, and I'll get to work.


How do we get started?